The Future Legacy

Westpac has always strived to help Australian communities. That’s how it’s been for over 200 years, founded on leadership, courage and a bold vision of transformation. Our third century marks a new era in Westpac’s history.

Now we look towards the next 200 years, partnering with TED, the ultimate champions of thought leadership. Together TED and Westpac are exploring ideas and stories that may shape a more positive future for all of us.

Join us in creating the future legacy.

a First for Australia

Westpac is the first company in Australia, and the first bank globally, to partner with the esteemed TED Institute to host a unique one-day event, TED@Westpac: The Future Legacy.

In December 2017, 15 speakers and two performers from the Westpac community took the stage before an audience of hundreds. In 2018, TED will share their talks and performances around the world.

Welcome to TED@Westpac – The Future Legacy.

A Future Based on Partnership

History reminds us that every choice we make now has consequences for the future. So how do we envision our legacy? With life zipping by faster now than it did even a few decades ago, we can't afford to be hasty when deciding where we should place our bets, apply our resources and invest our energies to ensure a better world 100 years from now. 

With Westpac now in its third century, TED@Westpac explores and considers the brilliant inventions, that can help to point the way to a healthy, sustainable future for all.



To learn more about how Westpac is helping to shape the future of Australia, please visit, to see the products and services we offer Australians.

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